Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

4 Reasons Why Patients Visit an Emergency Dentist

Herman Kim

Most people dread visiting the dentist because they associate it with pain. You can brush your teeth, avoid sugary foods and do everything else possible to avoid the dentist. However, some dental emergencies arise and make it necessary to visit an emergency dentist. Here are the four main reasons why you might need the services of an emergency dentist

When You Knock Out a Tooth

One of the most shocking dental emergencies you might have to deal with is knocking your tooth out. It is even scarier when a child knocks out their tooth because they will probably be bleeding and crying. The first response should be rinsing the mouth with salty water to control the bleeding. You can also try and find the tooth. If you find it, preserve it in milk or salty water. Call the emergency dentist and get an appointment. Note that the sooner you visit the dentist, the higher the chances are that your tooth can be put back in its socket and make a complete recovery. 

When Experiencing Unbearable Pain

Most people ignore toothache until it becomes an emergency. For example, people will bear the pain when a cavity is in the initial stages of development. However, the pain becomes unbearable when it gets to the pulp cavity, and the bacteria eats away the soft tissue. When tooth decay gets to the pulp cavity, people consider the dentist. If you have had a sleepless night over a suspected cavity or you have an abscess or other swelling on your mouth, get immediate attention from an emergency dentist. Also, if the pain comes from trauma to the mouth and you cannot control the bleeding, get a dentist as soon as possible. 

When You Lose a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are crucial because they protect weak teeth from further damage. You might also get one as part of your dental implant. Losing the crown could be painless or painful, depending on the circumstances that lead to it. You can apply a little petroleum jelly inside and reattach it, but ensure that you visit the dentist. They will help reattach the crown firmly and eliminate the chances of developing further complications.

It is advisable to have the contact information of a dentist handy to help you with all your dental emergencies. They will help you get the needed emergency dental care and protect your tooth from infections that could arise after the injury.  


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