Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

  • How to Tell if Your Child Is Hiding a Toothache

    While kids often let you know when they aren't feeling well, sometimes they may hide this from you. For example, if you've noticed your child wince a couple of times and hold their cheek, then you might ask them if they have toothache. They may deny this, but you aren't convinced. How can you work out if they have a problem with one of their teeth? Check Teeth For Damage

  • Teeth Whitening—The Answers to Typical FAQs

    A majority of people contemplating their first dental cosmetic procedure will most probably lean toward teeth whitening. This decision is not surprising since a common complaint that people have regarding their teeth is progressive staining due to their lifestyle habits and food choices. Nonetheless, if you have never undergone this procedure before, you may have a barrage of questions in regards to what the method entails, possible side effects and the longevity of the results.

  • Braces: When Your Arch Wire Causes Discomfort

    Do you have metal braces? If something is continually pricking you in the gums or in the soft tissue inside your mouth, you might have to deal with bleeding or at least some irritation. This is not a standard issue when it comes to having braces, and your orthodontist will need to know so that the necessary steps can be taken to prevent this from happening. But what can cause a portion of your braces to prick you?

  • 4 Sign You May Need an Emergency Dentist Visit

    Almost everyone is surprised with a dental emergency at one point or another. Kids chew the unchewable, run into walls, and fall when playing, just as adults also do after a few too many drinks. Dental injuries really are potentially around every corner. But when is a dental injury really an emergency? Is your problem truly worth bothering your family dentist for an unplanned visit? Below are some common symptoms of problems requiring emergency dental treatment.

  • How to Handle Your Dental Filling If It Falls Out

    If you have had to deal with dental issues such as tooth decay or broken teeth, dental fillings are usually used to fill the cavities left in your teeth by such problems. However, most dental fillings won't last forever, and at some point, you may lose yours. Losing dental fillings can be a result of an accident, injuries or simply biting down on an object or even food that's quite hard.

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Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

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