Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

  • Dentistry: What Are the 4 Stages Involved in Tooth Decay?

    A significant number of people have dealt with a decayed tooth one or more times in their lives. This painful ordeal is caused by bacteria that thrive in dental plaque, a colourless and sticky film covering your tooth's surface. The bacteria are responsible for converting the sugar in your food into acid. You must ensure that these acids do not build up on your teeth lest they lead to tooth decay.

  • Do Dentists Recommend Mouthwash?

    Mouthwash is a handy tool when you need to freshen your breath after eating something smelly, but is it useful for protecting your overall oral health?  What Are the Benefits of Mouthwash For Oral Health? The main dental health benefit of mouthwash is that it can get to places in your mouth that you can't reach with your toothbrush, which means that it can flush traces of food out of these areas.

  • The Danger of Gingivitis When You Have Dental Braces

    You'll notice the remarkable effects of your dental braces when your orthodontist finally removes them from your teeth. Sure, the most obvious benefits are visible, but there's a lot happening behind the scenes that you don't see. However, some of these invisible effects can end up causing a few problems, which is something that anyone with braces in their mouth needs to know about. Bone Remodelling Your teeth, gums and underlying bone are exposed to managed stress when you have braces.

  • 4 Top Tooth-Brushing Tips

    Along with regular flossing and a healthy diet, brushing your teeth every day is one of the best ways to keep them healthy. However, many people cheat themselves out of the benefits of brushing by using the wrong tools or technique. The following tips can help you to get the most out of your daily brush. 1. Get into a Regular Brushing Habit Dentists recommend that everyone brushes their teeth at least two times a day.

  • What Treatments Can You Expect from Orthodontic Dentistry

    If you or your child exhibit signs of tooth misalignment or crookedness, visit an orthodontist for specialised treatment. An orthodontist is a type of dentist who specialises in treating overcrowded teeth, overlapping teeth, crossbites, overbites and underbites. Some people may also suffer from temporomandibular disorders, abbreviated as TMDs; this is when you experience extreme facial pain that emanates from the muscles, nerves and joints in your jaw. Here are some different treatments you may receive from orthodontic dentistry:

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Dentures: Facts, Figures and Friendly Advice for Seniors

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